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  • town dump

    The trash heap south of [[Tenor Won]] that [[Sprax Spraylox]] and [[McAnimalnoise]] raped a stupid demon on, and is the same one that the [[:39003]]'s brother was eaten upon.

  • Headless Zealot

    McAnimal noise and Spraylox were approached by a gentlemen to discovered what had happened to his son out at the "town dump":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/marricksreturn/wikis/town-dump. The brother had been eaten by a large deamon on top of the …

  • Harold

    Harold was found in a shrine worshiping Karkius on the opposite side of the mountain of Krakius's cave. He was un-aware of this fact until shortly after the party had busted into his cave home. Since he was an incompetent guard of the Cursed Collar of …

  • Ekks Yami

    Ekks Yami was first seen by the party shortly before leaving Kamdorn for [[Tenor Won]] to investigate the identity of it's [[attackers]]. He was caught and seemed to be having visions of Tenor Won's demise. He ran into the woods and wasn't seen until the …