Ekks Yami


Shaman of Level unknown. Wears nothing but a loin cloth and always has his [[Merrick Stick]] on him at all times. He’s a weathered man with a short curly beard. His muscles are covered in tattoos of the dark scriptures of Merrick.


Ekks Yami was first seen by the party shortly before leaving Kamdorn for [[Tenor Won]] to investigate the identity of it’s [[attackers]]. He was caught and seemed to be having visions of Tenor Won’s demise. He ran into the woods and wasn’t seen until the day before the party reached it’s destination. After Tenor Won was claimed by the party he became a healer in that temple that creates the towns potions out of herbs harvested from behind the temple bar complex. His specialty is the potion of revival. Which was used by the party resurrect someone else besides [[Rambo]].

Ekks Yami

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